Happy Birthday Christine!

My sister is old years old today. I have always really admired her. She is driven and fierce and thankfully, also really nice. I’m going to brag about her for a second here.

Christine is an athlete, much to my mom’s chagrin. My mom doesn’t really love sports and has always seen them as a hobby. When my sister became a very, very competitive swimmer at age five, I don’t think my mom thought much of it. But Christine started beating the older kids and earned a reputation as the little kid to beat.

Fast forward to her teenage years- she had several NVSL records and was begging my mom to do year-round swimming at Curl Burke. My sweet academics-focused mother tried to talk her out of it every year. Christine swam every morning before seminary and every afternoon after school, eventually going on to Olympic trials (she didn’t qualify for the Olympics). While all of this was going on, I was busy focusing on doing a flip turn without getting water up my nose😂.

Christine went to TJHSST, where she got straight A’s and a 5(!) on the AP Computer Science exam. I think she got 5’s on all of her AP’s. When she was a junior, she was recruited to swim at Princeton and my cool, nifty family decided to tag along on her recruiting trip. All seven of us drove to New Jersey in our big red and white striped van playing automobile bingo and singing together along the way. As we were driving onto the pristine campus, Christine was braiding my hair and noticed some gross insects crawling on my head (thanks Maddy Thom)! I got lice at Princeton. While we were on campus it was noted that our family might not fit in with Ivy league people.

Christine went to BYU on two scholarships that overlapped – a full-ride academic scholarship and a full-ride athletic scholarship. She made money every semester. She majored in chemical engineering, graduated at 21 (she was a year ahead in school), and went to work for Intel. She became the head of a fab for them.

The nice thing about Christine is that she wouldn’t tell you any of this. She’s intelligent and exceptionally disciplined, but she’s also very unassuming. She flies under the radar. She is an incredibly low maintenance middle child- she can sleep anywhere, she never loses her keys, she’s funny, and she’s very nice. She’s really pretty, but she doesn’t care too much about clothes or superficial things. I wish I was more like her.

Happy birthday Christine! For your birthday, I am creating a vaccine that will end COVID 🙃. I hope this is a wonderful year for you.

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