The Latest

Myretrophoto’s instagram account restores color in old photos. We are reading Anne Frank’s diary in school and I love her! She is so funny, articulate, and endearing.
I painted this, but the picture I copied it from is much better!
Our Thanksgiving feast in US History. Before eating this, we learned about how historically inaccurate the common tale of the First Thanksgiving is.

How are you? Well, I hope? Today was finally sunny in California! And the air quality is safe. Who knew a clear sky would be such a relief!

I just finished watching the Social Dilemma and it actually has me feeling nostalgic. I miss when we didn’t need to create a brand for ourselves on social media platforms, when it was normal for people to have some mystery and intrigue to them, and when people got to know each other in the flesh instead of from instagram stalking. Life was so simple back then! (I sound like a geriatric!)

I don’t know if I could quit social media entirely, but I have the utmost respect for people who do.

As we head into the seventh month of covid, I hope you’re checking in on friends, mailing letters, keeping up with your hobbies, watching movies, exercising, baking, reading, writing, Zooming friends near and far, and spending time outside.

Be well. 😊

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