A Helpful Word.

Do you like to Google your questions? And cross your fingers that you come across a semblance of truth online?

Sometimes when I am out of ideas, I like to use the word generator to help me find something to inspire me. This word is incredibly useful.

Want an outfit idea? Here’s an outfit generator.

Need some color ideas? Here is a color palette generator.

A meal idea?  Recipe generator.

To plan a trip but don’t know where to go? Earth Roulette (via googling vacation idea generator).

A bucket list?  Bucketlist generator

Checklist generator.

App idea generator.

Playlist generator.

Joke generator.

Plot generator, and another.

A design challenge generator.

The list goes on.

You could also just use Pinterest if you want a different set of algorithms, but I prefer to google with the word generator. It gives me a feeling of independent power.

I hope this is helpful to you in your googling adventures!

P.S. Still Funny: Jim Gaffigan’s tinder takeover.

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