Keep Laugh on Your To-Do List ðŸ™ƒ

How are you? Today I grocery shopped and introduced my students to the Onion, so I am doing well.

Here are some pictures from my past year!

This is the new student union building at Michigan. I have deferred this year- in my opinion the it’s not worth $48k+, as long as it’s online.

Thankfully, I found friends in Ann Arbor who like to try out new recipes from the Great British Bakeoff recipe book every week. Phew!

Midland, Michigan flooded this past May and we went to gut out a basement. It was so gross and sad. The family’s piano was waterlogged, the mom’s wedding dress and family jewelry was ruined.

/\Does anyone else’s Zoom calendar go super wonk sometimes?

/\Angell Hall, University of Michigan.

/\Celebrating the end of finals with food.

This was the initial layout for graphic assets I worked on.

/\ Idea: Touch the book, say a word, and the book cover says the number of times a word is in that book.

Outside Hatcher library. Don’t step on the gold ‘M’.

Hope you’re well.

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