Congressional Recess for the Provincial Congress of New York, 1775.

We had a two-week Loyalists versus Patriots simulation in US history. I can’t say enough good things.

Here are some highlights:

-booing the request not to boo

-making fun of old-fashioned language

-cracking jokes about the redcoats eating too much

-Parents bringing flags for Great Britain- cheering, booing

-the crowd getting out of hand

-a very stirring speech about losing one’s job in Boston

-ALL of the speeches- the material we are learning is very challenging. We’re reading John Locke and basically every other word is in antiquated, college-level language. They made so much sense of it!! And tried so hard. And it totally paid off.

-The mob was a failure, but looking for tea was not.

-The ‘tarring and feathering’. When you get tarred and feathered, you have to wear a really heinous pink and yellow wig and oversized party sunglasses and walk around the block, while Congress members yell old-fashioned insults at you. It was the day after Halloween. Our ‘victim’ (who was a great sport by the way) basically sprinted around the block, but everyone in the neighborhood and at the park gawked at us and it was hilarious.

-the unanimous roar when it was suggested that women and laborers should get the right to vote. Seriously, parents jumping and dancing

-the costumes!

-the wigs!

-the alliances!

-the complaining!

-In a surprising turn of events, the Loyalists won and New York voted against independence from Britain. It was a huge victory for the Loyalists because there were only two of them against three Patriots in our version. Historical simulations are full of surprises.

Hope you’re well.

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