A Toy and a Game

Toy: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

I’m not a gamer, but the new Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Set looks like the funnest thing ever. Each car has a camera on it (so this is $$), so while you’re in physical control of the kart, you race through the surroundings in your house on a Nintendo switch. Driving through boosts gives you extra speed, and slamming into things puts your kart on its brakes.

I want to have a party to play this.

Game: Secret Hitler

The first time my family played this, we were yelling and screaming and no one would speak to each other afterwards. The lying got OUT OF HAND and everyone who played honestly and naïvely lost and got really bitter, hahaha. It is a really fun party game, especially if you play with loud extroverts, who are also good liars. It is madly addicting. If you’re a liberal, you try to find out who the liberals and fascists are. You give power to the liberals. If you’re a fascist, you’re trying to pretend to be a liberal and give power to Hitler. It sounds repulsive and you’re free to change the names.

One boring game I would skip is called Pricetitution. It is basically a boxed version of Would You Rather, but only super boring options. It got lame so fast!

Other covid friendly games include Kick the Can, 6′ apart Hide and Seek outside, and a Tag-version of sardines.

Hope you are finding fun things to do this break!

Pictures in this post are from gameinformer.com and Walmart.

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