Merry Christmas.

I last minute decided to stay in town for Christmas, and – surprise! – I am relishing it. Aside from one short night of crying because I miss my family, I have been blissfully and simultaneously detoxing and recharging. Friends are ‘checking in on me’ to see if I have Christmas plans (I don’t), and I am happily telling everyone that I have a busy day full of invitations 😂🏆. Am I the scrooge? Does this make me a bad person? I’ll probably just find something to volunteer at. I am happy to be on my own.

In other news, when I realized I wouldn’t be going home for Christmas, I wrongly assumed that I wouldn’t have any presents, and purchased an electric toothbrush for myself. In what feels like a first-world problems re-telling of the Gift of the Magi, right after I brushed my teeth with it I received a package from my family which included a second electric toothbrush. (As an aside, my electric toothbrush is amazing and one of the settings has a fast, loud beat that makes me feel like I’m in an action movie.)

Hope you are feeling free and joyful this Christmas.

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