The Tea

Here are some things I have found enthralling as of late.

from here

1. I got to see an expert share some Procreate tips, and she shared it using a pocket-sized projector, called a PIQO. It’s cooler than a tv, because you can move it anywhere and show it on anything.

2. Just discovered cloud bread — dairy and gluten free with just a few ingredients. It looks yummy and healthy.

3. I’ve been watching the old Pixar Shorts on A Prime Video. We took a look at them when we were learning storytelling, and they’re so charming and good.

From Architectural Digest

4. There is a floating pool opening up in London this month. Props to anyone who wants to float in this! I think I’ll just watch from below.

5. I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Great film. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Leonardo DiCaprio play someone vulnerable.

How are you doing? Graduation is Thursday and I am trying to write a short speech that isn’t too boring. Hope you and your crew are stoked for summer!


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