Small Talk

We just finished reading Killer Angels and I am incredibly proud of our students. I thought it was a challenging read, but they took a deep dive into the character development, geography, and chronology of the events. They also shared some great insights. Next week this teaching life will be over and I will miss it.

A few nothings on my mind as of late–

1- Do you know what an NFT is? It’s a non-fungible token, anything that is unique and cannot be replaced. The popular example that is all the talk today is digital art and gfy’s, but it can be other things as well. The Charlie bit my finger youtube video is apparently a very valuable one. All the rage right now.

2- What do you think about Naomi Osaka leaving the French Open? I respect her. When I see famous people being asked really rude questions — those are the moments I am so glad I’m not famous.

3- Lastly, does your friend group need a token ignorant white person? Because I. πŸ‘ am. πŸ‘ here. πŸ‘ for. πŸ‘it. πŸ˜†

Hope you’re having a good one.

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