Navel-Gazing Update: Spring, Summer, East Coast and West Coast, Board Game Parties, & Golf


How are you doing! Technically it is summer– my favorite season as long as there’s a pool nearby– but it feels like a brand new season. I think this whole year should have its own season, and we should call it ‘new’ or ‘life-feels-like-it-did-the-first-time’, or something like that.

Spring and Summer have been good to me- lots of great food and trying to figure out which coast I like better — East or West. Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever decide.

As much as I love the Bae, I will always feel like I am cheating on the East Coast while I’m here.

Below are some pictures for you! I hope you love them.

/\/\/\/\/\Four boys for every girl! I love Silicon Valley.

In March we tried out the ramen place in Palo Alto, the one that always has a line down the street. It was good but suuuuper heavy. It’s an item checked off of my bucket list. \/ \/ \/

\/ \/The reason you pay so much to live in California is because of the outdoors. There are so many hikes I still need to do and so many perfect days. Pacifica, below, never disappoints 🥳☀️.

Grabbing boba with these ambitious girls. \/ \/

\/ \/ I ordered the rice clay pot from Merit Vegetarian.

\/ \/ birthdays and pizza

\/ \/ Pinky doing the catwalk.

East Coast: \/ \/ There are three people in this picture! So happy for you Missy!

West coast: went up to Bocce Bar in Sausalito, mostly for the views, since Bocce was still closed. We ate these delicious desserts. \/ \/ \/ \/

\/ \/ Toga day!

\/ \/The Georgetown crew teams practicing on the Potomac:

In other news, XKCD is here to explain most board game parties. Hilariously accurate.

And a quote I just found from Dave Barry about golf:

“Although golf was originally restricted to overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.” 😂

I don’t actually hate golf 🏌️‍♀️, but there is some truth to that! Do you like to golf? Do you like to *watch* golf? 🧐

Hope you have a stellar weekend!


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