Socializing on Social Media

Nichols Arcade on campus

So, here is the truth. The truth is that social media has been my rescue flotation device over the last few years. I’ve dealt with a situation that I’ve found to be exhausting and, in all seriousness, social media has been the thing that has grounded me and helped me feel grateful for my friends and all the good things in life. It’s given me a platform to share. Sometimes sharing things with the world kind of ruins them, but more often than not it helps me to find good people and good things to focus on in sometimes turbulent moments.

Life is not always a breeze, and although I don’t think social media should be used to escape life, I do think there is immense value in sharing good news, recognizing the accomplishments of others, looking for inspiration, sharing kind words, and genuinely connecting with people with a goal of uplifting them. For example, I really admire Jennifer Anniston (not just for her skin care routine) because I think she has a big heart. So I follow her. I follow a lot of people who I feel like are sincere and authentic. In contrast, I feel like both on and off line I have found people with the most bizarre motives and obsessive personalities, and sometimes I just need to connect with something or someone good. I want to be a good, real person, and I want to connect with good, real people. For whatever reason, it take some extra energy and effort to connect with those types these days.

Anyway, below is a sliver of my life over the past few months. I’m back in Michigan wrapping up my master’s and hoping to move back to California if the right job presents itself. Hope this finds you healthy and well. If you find my happiness to be nauseating, or it makes you feel bad about your weight or your life or something — close the tab! xxx ilysm


the Dexter Cider Mill
the Jolly Pumpkin..
This is the picture I go back to when I need it. Look how pretty my sister is.
Jessie has a hot pot
Arastradero Preserve. This is near where I went mountain biking.
That inside is a mushroom, not meat.
B school
I beat Derek in eight consecutive ping-pong games. EIGHT. So he had to purchase this for me. 😊
It’s nice to have an ex who doubles as a thoughtful loving person. V brought me my favorite food from India.
The nice thing about moving is that it doesn’t require any work and it’s always really easy.
This is my trainer.
Those rolls are a real crowd-pleaser.
He helps me to sculpt my body.

Have a wonderful end of September. 🙂


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