Digital Design

One thing I’ve learned in my dive into tech is that the world will not slow down. The increase in demand for entertainment, cloud storage, big data, predictive analytics will only continue to grow. If you’ve got the luxuries of time and health, it makes sense to learn a new software, programming language, or both. Also, start your kids! They will likely surpass your (and my) technical skills by the time they are six.

One place that makes for a good start is Scratch. It’s a simple coding site built for kids. It’s actually pretty fun and the concepts in it are great for understanding the concepts of coding. Sketch is also a fun drawing app. It’s similar to Adobe Illustrator but simpler.

If you’re looking for programming inspiration, take a look at Codepen. And seriously, do not be ashamed of finding a simple program and copying it verbatim, letter by letter. Programming is really hard, and just exposing yourself to it still counts as progress. Brackets is a good editor.

Some cool websites to get you excited about digital design include bestfolios, httpster, awwwards, dribbble, and behance, among others.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these inspire you and that you’re enjoying the Olympics.



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