Semi-conductors are Cool & What-the-Heck Gas Prices

I’m working at Ford! And they are working on getting past the semi-conductor shortage. My sister worked on semiconductors out of college – she wore that cool bunny suit 😅- and she has a lot of expertise but she can’t even begin to describe the complexity. Each plant costs 29.5 billion. I’ve been spending all of my googles looking at different aspects of this problem and finding young people who know a lot on the topic. It’s interesting that it’s being taught in some high schools now.

I also have a question about inflation that I would like to ask a person (not the internet)- was cutting off the supply to the Canadian pipeline a cause of inflation? Is that the main reason that gas prices and everything else are so high? I ask that because I am really invested in ending carbon dependency (and hoping that Ford continues its hard pivot to electric), but I wonder if instead of cutting off the supply of carbon, we could focus on finding a replacement first…? Am I wrong?


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