How are you? Here is my phone as of late.

Deep dish Chicago, for the win. The best kind. Life-changing.

Painting! Good job Christina. /\ /\

/\ I’m only on page 100, but I love this one so far. /\ /\ It is about objects that are special to us. The main character in The Christmas Pig, Jack, loves DP so so so much because he’s always there for Jack. I love DP too.

I found this throwback over Thanksgiving. Isn’t my brother handsome!! /\ /\

/\ Don’t those ingredients look good? I want to try this.

/\ /\ Pictured- some extra joie de vivre in my mid-section & low-rise pencil-cut jeans that were stylish circa 2015 – 2016 😅

Have you tried NAD yet! Try it. Please, please try it. Such a delight. NAD has helped me with anxiety and focus, but it alleviates and reverses a whole number of health issues.

My NAD drip at the NAD drip party. /\ /\

Memorializing the post-dinner mess.

Also hoping to watch Spirited sometime soon. Hope your week is off to a great start.


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