Griffith Observatory

How are you? Happy 2023! How was your break? Hope this is a year of healthy progress and fulfillment for you.

Here are some pictures of Griffith Observatory. It was very hot (70s) and pretty.

Conflicting feelings- I’ve been trying to live in the moment and not take so many pictures- to instead just look at life and be really grateful for what I get to see and experience without feeling any pressure to capture it. But I still love taking pictures and creating things, and when I got to Griffith Observatory it was torture to not take a picture. Like I desperately wanted to capture the beauty. It’s difficult to take a bad picture there! There were some little 5-year-olds taking pictures on their disposable cameras at the Observatory and it was the cutest. I bet they took some really pretty pictures.

/\ /\ Someday I will remember to take my distracting plastic water bottle out of the picture. Just not this day.

Love love love the roots of trees. Thanks for working so hard.


golden hour

I’m excited about some of the climate change legislation that’s been passed. Hope your week is off to a great start and thank you for reading. 😄


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