Small Talk, Medium-Sized Talk, Big Talk

Miss you, SF /\

Fam /\


Michigan crew, celebrating being done with a really hard class. /\

Utah /\

Recent things & thoughts:

  • Currently am watching Under the Banner of Heaven. It’s intriguing. Andrew Garfield is a good actor.
  • The Supreme Court is freaking me out right now. I know the founding fathers intended to leave the Constitution open-ended, but that leaves so many opportunities for opinions that do not seem tethered to it.

Hope you’re finding and feeling some peace and love.


Semi-conductors are Cool & What-the-Heck Gas Prices

I’m working at Ford! And they are working on getting past the semi-conductor shortage. My sister worked on semiconductors out of college – she wore that cool bunny suit 😅- and she has a lot of expertise but she can’t even begin to describe the complexity. Each plant costs 29.5 billion. I’ve been spending all of my googles looking at different aspects of this problem and finding young people who know a lot on the topic. It’s interesting that it’s being taught in some high schools now.

I also have a question about inflation that I would like to ask a person (not the internet)- was cutting off the supply to the Canadian pipeline a cause of inflation? Is that the main reason that gas prices and everything else are so high? I ask that because I am really invested in ending carbon dependency (and hoping that Ford continues its hard pivot to electric), but I wonder if instead of cutting off the supply of carbon, we could focus on finding a replacement first…? Am I wrong?

Agency, Cinema, Art

Over winter break I watched a movie about Ancient Greece and one of the points it made was that democracy was the genesis of theater. This is because democracy was essentially the invention of choice and theater is based on choices that characters make – in thinking, in words, in action. Before democracy, the Greeks believed that the gods carried the fate of the future and everything was predetermined. But with democracy came choice and with choice came complex thinking, characters, characteristics, natural consequences. You bear the fruit of your own choices. In this new world, people began to create their own destinies with their agency. And those decisions create the intrigue.

Also, the idea in theater, and in cinema is that truth lies in multiple perspectives, which is another concept in democracy. The most powerful person does not own the narrative – the truth lies in multiple perspectives.

I have been thinking a lot about art partly because I am hungry for it and maybe slightly jealous of people who get to do it. I guess I am closer than I ever dreamed I would be, to screenwriting and acting. I really liked Ethan Hawke’s discussion of it here. I remember one of my first loves – I wrote tons of melodramatic, obsessive poems about my bursting heart and the fire inside me, haha.

My blog is certainly a form of release and creative expression, and I crave that so so much. I like my graphic art and my pictures but I think I like words and writing and giving thought to other people more. Sometimes I think I like the audience and the energy of it.

I miss going to theaters and laughing and crying with other people in the audience.

When I was little I was in a few plays and they were so fun (until I developed crippling anxiety and then it wasn’t fun). Being in a play is more fun than watching. Every time I leave a play in the theater, I think to myself, That was amazing. And the only possible way of enjoying it more would be to actually be in it.

But my question is– if art is just meant to be enjoyed by the artist, and it’s not meant to defeat any critics or prove any victory, then why show it to anyone? Why not just do it for yourself and love it permanently without facing anyone’s criticism? You don’t get to decide if someone else likes it or not, so why not just love it privately?

Ethan Hawke gives a good answer.

I also think there’s something liberating, cathartic about expressing yourself and telling another’s story in a public forum.

But how do actors feel when everyone says they bombed? Do they love their craft just as much afterward?

I once read that Johnny Depp never watches his movies, and if there is one actor who consistently looks like he is having fun on screen – it’s him. So maybe it really is the process and not the result that counts. Like honestly, if no one likes your work except you — so what. Who cares. right?

In other news, Michigan announced on Monday that we don’t have to wear masks on campus and it feels good but I also feel like I’m naked. Hope you’re well.

Surprise Weekend

Waiting for Douglas to fly in

We flew home to surprise my dad for his birthday this weekend. He had no idea! I rang the doorbell and we hid down the sidewalk. His face, when we ran up the path and yelled out ‘Surprise!’, was so SO shocked! I mean really shocked. He was so happy and a little emotional. We don’t all get to see each other often so It was really fun. Hope you’re having a great start to your week.

Don’t Look Up


Don’t Look Up is definitely worth a watch. I thought the acting in it was stellar and the movie made some apt observations in the form of amusing satire: The general public is fickle, uninformed, cruel, with a pathetically short attention span. Politicians want to make everything into a merchandise-selling Broadway promotional. Most of the character’s motives are amusingly pathetic. Don’t Look Up condensed and delivered an incredible range of observations about American society in a funny way.

The movie has some weaknesses though; especially lacking in it are depth and structure. There were a few parts that had that depth — like when Dr. Mindy is getting out of his car and the whole street stops to look at the comet. I felt like that was a moment that was intended to be profound. But at that moment, I still hadn’t recovered from the satiring laughter that the movie evoked in so many other places. It required a bit too much cognitive and emotional dissonance. Most of the writing was so upbeat and jestful that when it sought to come back to earth and convey the gravity of the situation, it couldn’t. The plot felt like the house being carried away by balloons in the movie Up. Combining satire and a penetrating message seems perhaps an impossible task, but I definitely think this topic warrants a deep message. Although the nature scenes were beautiful, I didn’t feel like there was a penetrating message to the movie except for laughing at how stupid and obtuse people are.

Perhaps as a satire, the character development was not meant to be prominent, and apart from revealing a few layers of Dr. Mindy, Yule, Kate, and Brie, there wasn’t much. The plot also didn’t seem to have a lot of common threads throughout it. Different from a finely crafted show like Ted Lasso, It felt a little bombastic and perhaps unintentional. It felt like a song with too many key changes. I read that the cast was allowed to improvise as much as possible, and that made for some incredible scenes, but the overall movie felt a little disjointed. Good paragraphs but a jumpy essay.

I am a firm believer that only good movies deserve any constructive criticism, and in spite of my complaints, this is definitely a good movie. Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Timothee Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Rylance all deliver exceptional performances. Rob Morgan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence made a great trio. The scenes I’ll remember are when Dr. Mindy and Brie are getting to know each other– Brie talks about her socialite life and Dr. Mindy chooses to reciprocate by talking about when his pet died. Who knew Leo could be so funny? The oval office scenes were also apt and funny. I loved Dr. Mindy’s family. During Yule’s delightful, lovable semi-proposal in the car I was wondering to myself… in real life, are these actors as intriguing, charming, and normal as these characters are scripted to be? I have decided to believe that indeed, they are.

I found myself laughing at Meryl Streep as well as Jonah Hill and the accuracy of the rallies. I thoroughly enjoyed Hollywood’s take on Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos/Mark Zuckerberg. The nature scenes were poignant, beautiful; overall the movie held my attention. I know the reviews on this movie are very divided, but I give it either a B+ or A-. I liked it. But even if you don’t like it, you’ll remember it.

In keeping with my “Only criticize decent movies” policy, I won’t be delving into The Unforgivable. Honestly, it is just too awful to even know where to begin. It tries to make sense of something that feels way too contrived. I also won’t offer any constructive criticism of The Guilty but I will offer a quick recap of it: A woman who doesn’t take her anxiety medication decides to mutilate her newborn infant’s stomach. Makes total sense, right? Then her husband who is a convicted felon tries to bring her back to the mental institution for people who cut their babies into small pieces, and she calls 911 to tell a remarkably incompetent individual that she is being kidnapped. Her husband somehow forgets to call back and explain what’s going on. The only constructive criticism I’ll offer for both of these movies is that they each most certainly deserve their own Mystery Science Theater or Riff tracks. Although I do believe Hollywood is a cesspool of favors, quid pro quo, and connections(think Emily in Paris being nominated for an Emmy- only explanation I can think of), I also think there must be some sort of tenure or insane level of job security that allows these screenwriters to continue funding plotless, unrelatable movies that are consumed by the general public.

In other non-movie news, I tested positive for Covid and spent quite a bit of last week sneezing. I don’t feel super sick, but I do feel confused about how cautious I should be.

I hope you’re having a bright, delightful start to 2022. And I hope the year is filled with healthy progress and relationships for you.

Digital Design

One thing I’ve learned in my dive into tech is that the world will not slow down. The increase in demand for entertainment, cloud storage, big data, predictive analytics will only continue to grow. If you’ve got the luxuries of time and health, it makes sense to learn a new software, programming language, or both. Also, start your kids! They will likely surpass your (and my) technical skills by the time they are six.

One place that makes for a good start is Scratch. It’s a simple coding site built for kids. It’s actually pretty fun and the concepts in it are great for understanding the concepts of coding. Sketch is also a fun drawing app. It’s similar to Adobe Illustrator but simpler.

If you’re looking for programming inspiration, take a look at Codepen. And seriously, do not be ashamed of finding a simple program and copying it verbatim, letter by letter. Programming is really hard, and just exposing yourself to it still counts as progress. Brackets is a good editor.

Some cool websites to get you excited about digital design include bestfolios, httpster, awwwards, dribbble, and behance, among others.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these inspire you and that you’re enjoying the Olympics.


Food Celebrations: Homecooked, Family foods, and the Grateful Crow

Here are a few of my culinary adventures as of late.

Can you have too many pictures of food?

Above is the Roasted Beet Caprese from the Grateful Crow in Chelsea. Absolutely delicious. The cheese drops on each beet have the most amazing herbs in them. I mixed them into every bite.

Below, Harvey’s burger and truffle fries. The sauce was sweet with a kick. I am kind of a wimp about spicy sauces ha…so one bite was enough for me! Not pictured is all the water I am making Harvey drink. 🚰

Fun fact about Chelsea is that Jeff Daniels owns a couple of restaurants in the area. Apparently, he is originally from there. We will have to go back for more deliciousness.

In other culinary adventures, my sister-in-law is an amazing cook and she totally spoiled us when we went to her place for Thanksgiving. Below are some of the amazing foods she and my nieces made for us in the non-Turkey meal. I’m going to ask her permission to see if I can share some of her other recipes with you. She is such a good cook and she works really hard to plan ahead and keep healthy foods available.

Everything below was amazing, but the real show-stopper in my opinion was the stuffed mushrooms at the bottom of this picture. I love mushrooms.

Also, not to brag, but I totally put the mozzarella balls on the Caprese skewers.

Apple Galette below.

Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week!



The Latest

How are you! I got to meet my newest niece and nephew this past weekend and I am over the moon happy. My niece is in the princess phase. Truly everything must be a princess.

Isn’t she a doll? Here are a few more pictures from the weekend.

Our little clan made gingerbread houses and gingerbread men(pictured below).

SIL and niece:

My niece is as tall as my sister. She just won’t stop growing.

In other news, I am so in love with Ted Lasso. I like the show, but I LOVE the person. Hope you’re having a great week. Be curious, not judgmental.

Socializing on Social Media

Nichols Arcade on campus

So, here is the truth. The truth is that social media has been my rescue flotation device over the last few years. I’ve dealt with a situation that I’ve found to be exhausting and, in all seriousness, social media has been the thing that has grounded me and helped me feel grateful for my friends and all the good things in life. It’s given me a platform to share. Sometimes sharing things with the world kind of ruins them, but more often than not it helps me to find good people and good things to focus on in sometimes turbulent moments.

Life is not always a breeze, and although I don’t think social media should be used to escape life, I do think there is immense value in sharing good news, recognizing the accomplishments of others, looking for inspiration, sharing kind words, and genuinely connecting with people with a goal of uplifting them. For example, I really admire Jennifer Anniston (not just for her skin care routine) because I think she has a big heart. So I follow her. I follow a lot of people who I feel like are sincere and authentic. In contrast, I feel like both on and off line I have found people with the most bizarre motives and obsessive personalities, and sometimes I just need to connect with something or someone good. I want to be a good, real person, and I want to connect with good, real people. For whatever reason, it take some extra energy and effort to connect with those types these days.

Anyway, below is a sliver of my life over the past few months. I’m back in Michigan wrapping up my master’s and hoping to move back to California if the right job presents itself. Hope this finds you healthy and well. If you find my happiness to be nauseating, or it makes you feel bad about your weight or your life or something — close the tab! xxx ilysm


the Dexter Cider Mill
the Jolly Pumpkin..
This is the picture I go back to when I need it. Look how pretty my sister is.
Jessie has a hot pot
Arastradero Preserve. This is near where I went mountain biking.
That inside is a mushroom, not meat.
B school
I beat Derek in eight consecutive ping-pong games. EIGHT. So he had to purchase this for me. 😊
It’s nice to have an ex who doubles as a thoughtful loving person. V brought me my favorite food from India.
The nice thing about moving is that it doesn’t require any work and it’s always really easy.
This is my trainer.
Those rolls are a real crowd-pleaser.
He helps me to sculpt my body.

Have a wonderful end of September. 🙂

Navel-Gazing Update: Spring, Summer, East Coast and West Coast, Board Game Parties, & Golf


How are you doing! Technically it is summer– my favorite season as long as there’s a pool nearby– but it feels like a brand new season. I think this whole year should have its own season, and we should call it ‘new’ or ‘life-feels-like-it-did-the-first-time’, or something like that.

Spring and Summer have been good to me- lots of great food and trying to figure out which coast I like better — East or West. Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever decide.

As much as I love the Bae, I will always feel like I am cheating on the East Coast while I’m here.

Below are some pictures for you! I hope you love them.

/\/\/\/\/\Four boys for every girl! I love Silicon Valley.

In March we tried out the ramen place in Palo Alto, the one that always has a line down the street. It was good but suuuuper heavy. It’s an item checked off of my bucket list. \/ \/ \/

\/ \/The reason you pay so much to live in California is because of the outdoors. There are so many hikes I still need to do and so many perfect days. Pacifica, below, never disappoints 🥳☀️.

Grabbing boba with these ambitious girls. \/ \/

\/ \/ I ordered the rice clay pot from Merit Vegetarian.

\/ \/ birthdays and pizza

\/ \/ Pinky doing the catwalk.

East Coast: \/ \/ There are three people in this picture! So happy for you Missy!

West coast: went up to Bocce Bar in Sausalito, mostly for the views, since Bocce was still closed. We ate these delicious desserts. \/ \/ \/ \/

\/ \/ Toga day!

\/ \/The Georgetown crew teams practicing on the Potomac:

In other news, XKCD is here to explain most board game parties. Hilariously accurate.

And a quote I just found from Dave Barry about golf:

“Although golf was originally restricted to overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.” 😂

I don’t actually hate golf 🏌️‍♀️, but there is some truth to that! Do you like to golf? Do you like to *watch* golf? 🧐

Hope you have a stellar weekend!