As of Late

Some pictures of my life as of late. Above is Santa Barbara where I went for Thanksgiving. Love that little spot.

Socially distanced Thanksgiving on the beach.

This is Kite Hill in Palo Alto, a little hidden gem. It’s usually empty and has a secret view of the town.

Above is from our Early Man and Evolution unit at the beginning of the year.

Pomegranate. Prettiest fruit, except for maybe figs.


College Terrace in Palo Alto. I think these houses are so fascinating.

Walking Pinky.

It’s always cactus season in Palo Alto.

There’s a Salt and Straw in Palo Alto! I am not joking when I tell you to get the Olive Oil flavor. It is AMAZING.

Hope you survived the panic attack that was January 6th. We’re going to make it. We’re going to have a peaceful transition of power and we’re going to keep moving forward. In the meantime, I may bury my head in the sand and not read the news for a little while! Because my new mantra is to rebel by being joyous in spite of everything.

Have a great week.

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