How are you, summer children? 🙂 Here is my phone as of late and some life updates.

The Rachel Chase and Shannon show. We succeeded even without Mrs. Martin.

  1. No graduation for me. In order for my internship to be accredited, I have to pay the university 20k. So, full-time job instead.
  2. I am obsessed with Myers-Briggs (yes, still). Do you know your function stack! Here is mine.

3. Apples in cinnamon at 325 for 45+ minutes or until they’re really soft and sweet.

4. Ann Arbor trees, ftw:

5. I had to get a lot of blood drawn in June and it was not a good experience. In love with feeling good again

6. Accurate😂:



9. Visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac-

10. Love you so much, Virginia, (even though you’re sweaty):

11. I’m reading Gabby Bernstein. She’s good.

Hope you are having the most lovely of days, weeks, years and that they’re filled with fun and meaningful happiness.

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