My Jabras 75t Review

Going back to college was a weird experience, because suddenly I felt like I was immersed in the trends that I had had the privilege of ignoring for several years. I usually listened to skillshare tutorials on the way to class, and I was always putting the mess of wires in and out of my backpack. While I was busy resenting my tangle of wired earbuds, it seemed that truly everyone else had wireless ones.

One of the things I was constantly reminded of during covid was that background noise helps me to stay focused. Silence is my arch nemesis. I need a movie, a podcast, a lecture or some noise going on to get me focused.

So recently, I finally took the leap and got wireless earbuds from Jabra. They are fantastic. 🎉🥳 I’m probably last to this party, but being able to walk into the kitchen while still focusing on a meeting on the computer, is such a liberating experience.

A few quick facts, if you’re interested in purchasing these:

  • They are very tightly bundled into your ear. They don’t move at all on a run.

  • The LED lights will flash to let you know the charge status as soon as you open the case. If they are fully charged, they will show green, if they are low on charge they show yellow, and if they have no power they are red.

  • The earbuds charge while they are in the case. There’s a little magnet in the earbuds that pulls them into their fitted spot and it’s actually really satisfying pop them in and out.

  • In the case, it takes 2 hours for the earbuds to fully charge.

  • They have Active Noise Cancellation and Hear through settings. The battery lasts longer on Hear through.

  • The case itself needs to be charged; I use my mac computer charger because it’s faster than the one it comes with.

  • They come in green, black, navy blue, sienna (pink), gold, and gray.

  • You can mute and unmute yourself by clicking the button on the earbud.

  • They cost a whopping $180. In about ten years, I will get back to you on whether or not they are worth that number.

  • I get a LOT more done with these. With them, I want to go running, I want to go to my ZOOM meetings and classes, and I like to get into the flow and rhythm or getting work done.

I hope this is helpful to you! And that you’re having a fabulous last week of June and first week of July!

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